What Every EU Country Is the Worst At…all 28 members

by Adam

Thrillist has listed out the flaws for each of the European Union’s 28 member countries in their “What Every EU Country is the Worst At” list. For the occasional tourist, the majority of these won’t impact your visit:

France: Lowest English proficiency
To no one’s surprise, France has Europe’s lowest English proficiency. Somewhere, a guy eating soft cheese and a baguette is saying, “I don’t care” in French.

UK: Highest cocaine usage
Here are three other drugs the United Kingdom uses more of than any other country in the EU: amphetamines, ecstasy, and LSD.

Spain: Highest dropout rate
For any Spaniard reading this, a dropout rate is the percentage of students who do not complete schooling. In Spain’s case, 23.5% of students in the country do not complete mandatory education. So basically, 23.5% of Spaniards looking at this article have no idea we’re talking about them right now.

Netherlands: Highest percentage of cyclists killed in road accidents
It’s really hard to find anything wrong with the Netherlands. Well, except Arjen Robben. Despite the stereotypes, though, the Dutch are far from the highest consumers of marijuana (that would be Denmark). But on the off chance you get into a car accident in any EU country, the odds of killing a cyclist are highest in the Netherlands.

Italy: Most tax evasion
Is it any coincidence that Al Capone was finally pinched for tax evasion, while the birthplace of the mob has the highest percentage of unreported economic activity of any European Union country? Probably not; the mob and tax evasion go hand in hand. It’s estimated that $239 billion USD are lost in unpaid Italian taxes per year. That’s billion, with a B. Think of how many spicy meatballs that could buy.

Check out the complete listing here.

What Every EU Country is the Worst At

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