Jungle Survival & Other Unique Courses Airlines Require Flight Attendants to Attend

by Adam

Becoming a flight attendant isn’t all about in-flight safety, water evacuations, and meal service training. Some airlines have truly unique required courses…like TAM’s jungle survival techniques. Courtesy of Jaunted‘s Five Extremely Unique Ways Airlines Train Their Flight Attendants:

TAM – If you’re ever stuck in a jungle and need shelter, food, and a reassuring word while waiting for help to arrive, you better hope you have a TAM flight attendant with you. Since TAM’s home country of Brazil is 60% covered by the Amazon, it’s a smart move to prepare for any eventuality. As such, the ladies and gentlemen of TAM must pass an Amazon survival portion to their training, and it’s a hands-on course conducted in the wilds behind TAM’s training center, complete with live flare practice (pictured) and instruction on using debris to build a makeshift lavatory.

Singapore – There’s many tales we can tell of the Singapore Girls. In addition to wine training, and special etiquette classes to learn cultural behavior nuances, the Singapore Girl will is offered a range of extracurriculars. There’s a club for almost every major sport including cycling and—so cool—dragon boat racing. Cooler still, Singapore Airlines has a trained martial arts club counting black belts among its members, and who mostly practice taekwondo.


Check out their full list here.

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