Discounted Hotel Rates Using Wedding Couple Websites?

Apparently, scoping out wedding couple websites to look for a block of rooms at a discounted rate has become popular, especially during wedding high season (which tends to correspond with higher average hotel rates during the peak travel season). I never would have even thought to do this (though I won’t deny some corporate rate searches), but as CNBC reports,  there seem to be those who browse these sites quite regularly for a deal.

Last year, 68 percent of couples had a wedding website, up from 60 percent in 2009, according to Such sites usually include guest information, such as where to book rooms and deal codes that often are not password-protected, making crashing a block easy enough to do. A quick search for “wedding block,” with a location and date, yields dozens of examples. Crashers often fly under the radar-unless couples have a reason to check block assignments, as I recently did.

Check out the full article here.

wedding crashers


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